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TransAtlantic Capital Inc. (OTC PINK:TACI), an emerging diversified investment vehicle focused on three key industries: Housing, Shipping, Agriculture (Hemp, Cannabis & Psilocybin).

Our Vision

It is our intent to identify and invest into the stability of Industries that never lose market growth. Simultaneously capturing the fastest emerging sectors.

This arbitration gives TACI a unique opportunity to combine the old with the new giving comfort to our investor network. Imagine the USA is not number 1 in the housing sector. This belongs to Africa and carribean markets. In addition these areas of the world now have a greater Consumption housing development ,global maritime trade and agricultural industries like hemp cannabis and psilocybin.

TACI, based upon its global reach, can now capture markets hare traditional reserved by Fortune 500 companies.

“The Double Bottom Line,

 Make a Profit, Make a difference 

Our Divisions


Ninety percent of all global trade is delivered by water. TACI is entering the maritime industry to provide cargo to the Caribbean, Latin America, and the African markets. By focusing on niche markets interested in giving contracts to smaller companies, TACI has carved out a win-win opportunity for countries looking to diversify away from the large shipping companies, who are no longer concerned about the client or companies profitability only management fees they can charge.

***TACI has entered into strategic alliance agreements to initially acquire five vessels over three years and perform on contracts to deliver cargo globally.


Providing prefab housing solutions, initially starting with a factory to build 10,000 homes per year, only puts a small dent in the marketplace that needs a minimum of 1 million homes per year, per country, in the East African region alone. This region is comprised of 7 countries, with approximately 300 million citizens. Our innovative prefab system will allow TACI to build a home in 30 days – no longer taking months – or even years – to complete. Also, we are the first to market our opening of a prefab housing factory in Tanzania.


Hemp, Cannabis, and Psilocybin mushrooms are no longer a North American Commodity. Global consumption is north of $500 million. TACI has secured land agreements to grow, process, and distribute its products globally. Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa are poised to dwarf the United States Consumption over the next ten years.

Many nations are slowly starting to recognize the importance of these commodities, from mental health to wellbeing, to livestock feed. TACI is uniquely positioned to access the capital markets to capture many of these opportunities. This, in essence, is the TACI investment story and why we believe TACI today is one of the most undervalued equities in the diversified space. This, however, won’t last for long, as we dive into 2021 with a strategic communications plan that is designed to broaden our exposure to Wall Street’s institutional investors, as well as its traditional retail brokers, most of whom have predominantly been our key supporters.

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